Attack helicopters

Hello and welcome to our 3d simulator Chopper: Attack helicopters!

In this 3D simulator, attack helicopters resembling Russian Mi-8, Mi-24 ‘crocodile’, Ka-50 ‘black shark’  and Mi-28 ‘night hunter’ are represented.

Your mission is to capture enemy bases and destroy its forces, to capture a base it is needed to perform landing at the appropriate helipad. Capture of all 4 bases is needed to win.  On landing, your helicopter armor and ammo are replenished.


At the very beginning you have only one mi-8 combat helicopter, and only one map. On completion of the mission, another helicopter becomes available, as well as new map and another mission. All missions can be performed with any of available attack helicopters. Enemy units performance is improved, according to the combat helicopter you have chosen.

Also, each of your attack helicopters have some variable skins. You can choose one of them by clicking the customization button on top left corner of the screen.

You can change your weapons in helicopter settings menu. You have 3 different weapon types in default settings, but you can change weapon type by clicking on weapon slots in this menu.


To control the helicopter, use two virtual sensor joysticks on left and right sides of the screen. The left joystick controls collective and pedals(elevation and yaw left-right), while the right joystick controls cyclic (pitch up-down and roll left-right).


For shooting, use the zone at the bottom centre part of the sensor screen.


Navigation arrow is switched automatically to point at the next helipad, and also can be manually switched to other helipads.


Three types of weapons are present in the game: unguided missiles, guided air-to-ground missiles and machine gun. The machine gun is controlled by moving finger in shooting zone. Guidance of the guided missiles is similar — after the mark is set on the needed point, finger should be released to launch missile there.


There is also a special zoom view for more comfortable long range shooting. You can enable and disable it using a zoom button, on left bottom side, near the navigation arrow switcher. Zoom mode is perfect for sniper attacks, your enemies don’t even know, what killed them.


There are some achievements in the game, which can be cynchronized with Google Play Games service in order to participate in players leaderboards. In addition to the achievements, time spent to complete each level with each combat helicopter is taken into account.


Now, you know enough to try it by your own, and show what you made of!

You can play our game here, right in your browser.

Also you can download .apk file from our site or install it from Google Play free.

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